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Environmental groups sue over phosphate mining

Published By: Bay News 9

A group of environmentalist is suing over phosphate mining in Manatee County.

Tuesday The Sierra Club, Manasota-88, Gulf Restoration Network and People for Protecting Peace River announced they are taking legal action against the United States Army Corp of Engineers.

Members from the organizations say they're upset a permit was issued authorizing 10 years of phosphate strip mining on the Altman Tract.

They say 400 acres of the land are wetlands, and mining it would not only destroy the environment but also water quality.

"Florida has lost over 50 percent of our historic wetlands in this state, and we have valuable high quality wetlands left in Manatee County that important to rivers and important to the Gulf of Mexico; and we've got to protect those wetlands," said Joe Murphy, Florida director of Gulf Restoration Network.

Mosaic officials, who have been mining in the area for 23 years, say the project would follow the highest standards to protect the water supply and they'd also restore all disturbed wetlands in the area.

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