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Manasota-88 files concerns to FDEP on local phosphate mine Read more: http://www.bradenton.com/2011

Published By: Bradenton.com

MANATEE - A local environmental protection organization has filed a six-page letter to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection outlining its concerns with Mosaic’s Wingate mine.

The letter filed by Manasota-88 to the FDEP is in response to Mosaic’s request to obtain extended mining rights at the Manatee County mine that is currently in operation.

Among the concerns of Manasota-88 listed in the letter include how extend mining will affect area surface waters, crops and air quality.

Last week, Mosaic filed a permit application with the FDEP to add 765 acres to the Wingate Mine in Duette. Mosaic plans to start mining 597 acres of that 765-acre parcel in several years as company officials project the 3,028-acre mining tract will be mined out in a few years.

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